Big Pendant Big Color – Pendant Necklace Jewelry Art!

Resin Pendant Necklaces

Pendant NecklacesOur large pendant jewelry range is sophisticated, fashionably fresh and can be worn day or night to suit any style or look. The necklaces and pendants collection reflects the creative philosophy behind Neolithic’s mantra where wearable art, bold designs and color combine to create “one off” jewelry pendants to stir the soul.

Big pendant necklaces designed to make a statement and inspire others. Ours is a stunning and exclusive artisan pendants collection for contemporary, stylish and refreshing fashion.  Stand out from the masses with our necklaces and pendants and define your own style!

Using resin marbling techniques gives our pendant and necklaces designer the scope to create expressive, beautiful large pendants, each with their own character. Showcasing 10 unique pendant and necklace styles, each handcrafted and available in an array of exhilarating and sophisticated colors.

Explore the collection of exquisitely crafted and vibrantly colorful pendant necklaces, reflecting the love and passion for the ancient world seamlessly linking the past and present. Pendants and necklaces to color your world, exclusively yours!

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