Amber Marble Cuff Bracelet – Unique Bold Statement Bangle


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Arm candy does not get any better than this amber marble cuff! These unique resin cuffs are really versatile and you can wear them on top of a long sleeve or on a bare arm. They’ll also go with casual or elegant outfits, the choice is really yours.
Real amber is a fossilized and very old organic substance and I always think it’s a pity to remove it from nature.  That’s why I wanted to design something that really resembled it.  The marbling effect used to create this orange cuff has achieved this organic, natural feel.
Using this resin technique makes this bangle totally unique and one of a kind. No two are ever the same – there’s an individual story in every piece. Each bangle is meticulously sanded to a super smooth finish to ensure that they are very comfortable to wear.
This bold statement bangle in earthy tones is loaded with intrigue. It will enhance the look of any outfit. Amazing when worn with black, white and rich reds. Whatever outfit you decide on, this will enhance your look. You can just rush out of the door, grab your resin cuff and handbag and you’ll look amazing.
Collection: Missing Link Cuffs
Small: Inside diameter 5.7cm Gap width: 3.0cm approxMedium: Inside diameter 6.0cm Gap width: 3.5cm approxLarge: Inside diameter 7.0cm Gap width: 3.8cm approxMaterial: Resin
*Please take care when choosing your size. Exchanges on sizing will incur additional shipping charges. All Neolithic products are hand-crafted, as such, slight variations in color or pattern may occur.

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