Big Chunky Necklace – Handmade White Marble Leaf Resin Pendant


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This very contemporary white chunky necklace has a clear modernistic and minimal influence and is just perfect to add a touch of fabulousness to your look. This resin pendant is anything but boring. Its sleek modern look makes it wearable year-round and will add an unexpected touch to any outfit.
The marbelized effect of this hand crafted resin pendant is unique to Neolithic Jewelry.  No two items can ever be the same ensuring you get something totally unique.  This big necklace has a very organic and natural look which is slightly different in every piece.
Neolithic’s minimalist take on jewelry makes it seriously desirable.  The leaf shape together with the organic unique marble finish, makes this accessory a must to add to your collection.  This bold necklace is really one of the hottest looks around.
White is the color of new beginnings.  It is a blank canvas waiting to be written upon and opens the way to new ideas.  White is also calming and it creates simplicity, organization and efficiency.  It is also a non-color so this is why this white pendant will match everything in your closet.
Dimensions: 8.5cm high x 6cm wide approxMaterial: Resin and sterling silver on rubber cordFitting and clasp: Sterling silver
Note: All Neolithic products are hand-crafted, as such, slight variations in color or pattern may occur.

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