Chunky Bangle Bracelet in Marble Effect – Big Bold Statement Resin Handcrafted Accessory


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Add a beautifully cheerful finishing touch to your outfit with my chunky lime bangle.  You’ll love your resin bangle as it will instantly uplift any outfit and put a spring in your step. This bracelet is not boring!
This is a durable piece of jewelry that will last you for years.  It has been entirely handcrafted.  Each one is hand sanded to provide a smooth and comfortable surface.  The marble effect is achieved using a special technique and makes this unique.  No two bangles will ever be the same.
Wearing one big bold bangle as a focal point to your outfit is a great way to look stylish.  These big bangles can be worn to the office, a shopping trip or an evening out.  They are incredibly versatile and a great addition to your collection.
Stick with complimentary colors when accessorizing.  You can either chose to stick to one color using different shades or if you prefer, choose a contrast shade like hot pink, purple or classic white or black to match this gorgeous lime bangle.
Collection: Plenitude Bangle
Sizing;Small: Inside diameter 6.6cm approxMedium: Inside diameter 6.9cm approxLarge: Inside diameter 7.2cm approxMaterial: Resin
*Please take care when choosing your size. Exchanges on sizing will incur additional shipping charges.  All Neolithic products are hand-crafted, as such, slight variations in color or pattern may occur.

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