Chunky Resin Pendant in Deep Purple – Handmade Artisan Fashion Accessory


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Each season I am always inspired by different colors. This particular chunky resin pendant in deep purple has a deeper richer tone which I feel is perfect for the fall or winter seasons. The hue of this resin pendant would look wonderful with any of those shades. Keep it organic and natural and you cannot go wrong.
My resin jewelry collection encompasses bright, bold designs and gorgeous classics to take your wardrobe to another level. This contemporary pillow shaped resin pendant is light and durable and extremely wearable. Perfect for the busy modern woman who needs a stylish look in a flash.
Every resin pendant is meticulously hand sanded for a luxuriously soft and comfortable finish.  Every piece is slightly different and no two are every exactly the same.  This is the charm of a handmade artisan piece of jewelry.  You get to own something completely unique.
Splashes of color with accent pieces like this resin necklace is how you should wear these daring colors.  Don’t overdo it and use only minimalist pieces like this necklace.  That’s the sure way to carry it off, no matter what your age is.  It really is very easy to look stylish and sophisticated just with a few simple accessories like this.
Dimensions: 5.5cm high x 3.5cm wide approxMaterial: Resin and sterling silver on rubber cordFitting and clasp: Sterling silver
Note: All Neolithic products are hand-crafted, as such, slight variations in color or pattern may occur.

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