Circular Resin Pendant – Big Faceted Gem Handmade White Marble Classic Elegant Necklace


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You’ll just love how this classic elegant circular resin pendant adds a touch of effulgence to your ensemble. Boasting the cool combination of an organic shape with a modern material, this timeless big necklace will remain in your collection for many years to come.
There isn’t anything not to love about this resin pendant.  Its understated chic will compliment everything you’re wearing from your favorite t-shirt to a long evening gown.  The ice white color makes this a perfect accessory as it will literally match everything.
White is the color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection.  It is the color of new beginnings and wiping the slate clean.  It opens the way to the creation of anything the mind can conceive.  If your senses need a little stimulation, then this elegant pendant will certainly help.
The resin pendants are very carefully hand sanded to make them smooth and rounded so that they are really comfortable to wear.  They are also lightweight so you’ll hardly know you’ve got these on.
Dimensions: 5m high x 5cm wide approxMaterial: Resin and sterling silver on rubber cordFitting and Clasp: Sterling silver
Note: All Neolithic products are hand-crafted, as such, slight variations in color or pattern may occur.

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