Cobalt Blue Cuff – Big Chunky Resin Marble Effect Bangle


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This cobalt blue cuff is an absolute little beauty! The color is very deep and the closest I can get it to naturally found blue pigment. Cobalt blue has been used by artists for centuries because of its vibrancy and depth of color.
Hollywood certainly got the blues! Many celebs were seen indulging in this bright blue hue, particularly with all-in-one jump suits.  Cobalt is a bolder shade of navy, still chic yet more playful.
During Paris Fashion Week, Julianne Hough was seen wearing a plunging cobalt jumpsuit with white sandals. If you’re not quite that brave, then why not have this resin cuff to create your own little dramatic fashion statement that will turn heads just the same.
Every resin bangle is meticulously hand sanded for a luxuriously soft and comfortable finish. Every piece is slightly different and no two are every exactly the same. This is the charm of a handmade artisan piece of jewelry. You get to own something completely unique.
Collection: Missing Link Cuffs
Small: Inside diameter 5.7cm Gap width: 3.0cm approxMedium: Inside diameter 6.0cm Gap width: 3.5cm approxLarge: Inside diameter 7.0cm Gap width: 3.8cm approxMaterial: Resin
*Please take care when choosing your size. Exchanges on sizing will incur additional shipping charges. All Neolithic products are hand-crafted, as such, slight variations in color or pattern may occur.

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