Lime Drop Earrings – Resin Dangle Elegant Modern Bright Color Handcrafted Accessory


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1 in stock


Refresh your look with this invigorating lime green drop pair of earrings. The drop shape and zesty color stimulates interest and dimension, creating a unique statement. Go on, quench your thirst for style!
Green is the color of balance and harmony. It is also the color of spring, renewal and rebirth. It restores energy and gives us a sense of well-being. These are yet more reasons why this bright color pair of earrings is such a must for your collection.
I can never quite cite one specific source for my inspiration but my travels around the world have had a huge influence on all my designs. This lime green is totally nature inspired. The shape is also organic and reminiscent of seedpods.
Neolithic resin earrings are entirely handmade and each piece is soft and smooth which makes them really comfortable to wear. Despite their size, these resin earrings are very lightweight and you’ll be able to wear them for hours at a time.
Length: 2.8cm – 4.0cm approximately
Bead size: 1cm
– translucent matte resin
– sterling silver earring hooks
Note: All Neolithic products are hand-crafted, as such, slight variations in color or pattern may occur.

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