Lime Pearl Pendant – Zingy Green Big Resin Necklace with Pearlescent Finish


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Lime green has a wonderful psychological effect and you cannot fail to feel good when you wear this lime pearl pendant. It inspires youthfulness and playfulness. It is also the color of prosperity and abundance. Just the boost you need every day and a great way to reflect your personality!
Juicy limes is what this resin pendant reminds me of.  The pearlescent finish of this necklace makes the color change and reflect as you move.  It has the iridescence of a peacock feather.  It is not a solid block of color but looks more like a droplet of juice that has been frozen in time.
Lime green can vitalize and create enthusiasm so wear this bold necklace when you need a little spring in your step.  If you need to create a good impression, then this lime necklace is a great simple accent piece.  You don’t have to overdo it to pack a punch, just one outstanding accessory is all you need.
The resin pendants are very carefully hand sanded to make them smooth and rounded so that they are really comfortable to wear.  They are also lightweight so you’ll hardly know you’ve got these on.
Dimensions: 5.5cm high x 3.5cm wide approxMaterial: Resin and sterling silver on rubber cordFitting and clasp: Sterling silver
Note: All Neolithic products are hand-crafted, as such, slight variations in color or pattern may occur.

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