Turquoise Marble Cuff Bracelet – Big & Chunky Statement Bangle Accent Piece


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This turquoise marble cuff is a contemporary alternative to the classic bangle. Coco Chanel said ‘always remove one thing before going out of the door’. What she meant by that was that you should keep things simple and minimal for the most impact.
This big chunky bangle is minimal in design but not minimal in the impact it will have on your outfits.  Less is really more when it comes to accessories and this resin cuff totally fits the bill.  Jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth but to make them beautiful.
You should wear your resin cuff with confidence knowing that you are reflecting your personality without being flashy.  If you have style confidence, then you really can pull off anything and with this cuff bracelet, it is easy!
My top tip for the day would be to keep everything balanced.  Keep your outfit simple and this resin bangle will do all the talking.
Collection: Missing Link Cuffs
Small: Inside diameter 5.7cm Gap width: 3.0cm approxMedium: Inside diameter 6.0cm Gap width: 3.5cm approxLarge: Inside diameter 7.0cm Gap width: 3.8cm approxMaterial: Resin
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