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About Us

Neolithic Jewellery Designer

Designer/Director NEOLITHIC

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Neolithic was founded in 2005 by Designer, Creator and Owner Kerren Shepherd in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Extensive world travel and a passion for tropical living – have greatly influenced and inspired her bold, contemporary Homewares and Jewelry range.

We believe that we eat with our eyes and that the celebration of food is paramount. Sharing food from around the world is a major inspiration for us. Food brings families together, is ceremonial and we strongly believe, it breaks down international barriers.

Neolithic’s Designer Homewares focus on creating functional art pieces – this range is a feast for the eyes.Enjoy perusing the stylish and colourful Artisan Platters, Cheese Boards, Knives, Salad Servers, Bowls and Vases.

Our handcrafted jewelry, focuses on harmonising bold concepts and colour. Each finished, ‘One-Off’ piece is a tribute to YOUR individuality, completely unique and with its own character and story.

Neo’s collection of resin bracelets, cuffs, chunky and timeless bangles, contemporary statement necklaces and elegant pendants are vibrant, expressive and endlessly diverse.

Wearable art for the modern woman. Play with colour and enjoy!

Neo – the Greek prefix meaning new. Lithic - represents the later part of the Stone Age